President's Message - September 2018

Dear CAFI Members,

In speaking with CAFI members over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that maybe due to the length of my president’s messages, CAFI training news and happenings is not being disseminated.  I will thus attempt to make my message brief and to the point in the hopes that our news and events are better communicated to the greater membership.


Laurentian University SPL course for NFPA1033

  • Feedback has been very positive – these are full university level courses
  • Anyone in the fire investigation field will be able to successfully complete the courses, but be prepared for the time commitment or approximately 100 hours of supplementary work per course
  • Supplementary work includes practical assignments, participation in a classroom blog
  • Several members of CAFI executive are completing the 4 course Fire Investigator Program
  • One of the executive is already completing the 3rd course of 4 courses

CCFI-C, CCFI-B and CCFI-A Professional designations

  • Several CAFI members will be granted the higher standing designation of CCFI-B after completing the Laurentian University SPL Fire Investigation program
  • To achieve the higher standing designation of CCFI-A, CAFI members who have achieved the CCFI-B will have to have been accepted and testified at a trial as an expert or have completed a CAFI approved court room testimony course
  • CCFI-C will be granted to CAFI members who successfully write the NFPA921 test and achieve a passing grade


  • Not meeting the knowledge of the NFPA1033 sweet 16 subjects at beyond a high school level is now being challenged at trials in expert qualifications
  • Expert witnesses are being challenged in court at proving that they have continued to upgrade their skills in the profession
  • The Laurentian University SPL will provide the skills, qualifications and credentials to that end

Educational Webinars

  • CAFI has provided 5 fire investigation related webinars to date
  • The webinars are RECORDED and ARCHIVED on the CAFI web site for you to watch at a convenient time (log into the MEMBERS ONLY Section – first time users use password Cafi2018#)
  • Other webinars coming up: Case studies in origin determination, Photography, note taking, electrical causes, Incendiary Fires, Vehicle fire investigation

Burn Cell Available to Ontario CAFI members

  • For more information please contact CAFI 006 at
  • Model your own structure fires
  • Perform live fire training for your investigators
  • Perform burn testing to validate your hypothesis
  • The robust construction of the cell allows for post-flashover fire tests

I would appreciate any feedback on CAFI initiatives, the webinars, live training, the Laurentian University SPL or any positive or negative experiences you may have had with CAFI.  I wish you all a fire safe season.


Yours Truly,

Vladimir Chlistovsky, CCFI-C, CFEI, P.Eng.
President, Canadian Association of Fire Investigators