President's Message - October 2019

Hello all from Alberta:

With summer coming to a close, I hope everyone had a great vacation and was able to enjoy family and friends during this time. I had the pleasure to visit my family in New Brunswick and enjoyed the great visit and Love from them. Building memories with family and friends are one of the great joys in life.

Since my last message, the CAFI executive has agreed that a meeting with all parties involved should be held so we can propose a strategic plan for the future. With CAFI going into our 40th year we require this plan so we can continue to grow and develop items we need to focus on. We will be meeting in Toronto on September 27th for a one-day event. I ask that you send some of your thoughts so we can help develop this strategic plan. Even if it is after our meeting I still encourage to send me these ideas.

As I sit here reviewing several past journals from early 2000 I see that some of the same concerns that the Past Presidents had are still some of the ones of
today. One of the most talked-about was developing a training program so we can teach and certify new Fire Investigators. With most of use we are preparing
to retire and enjoy a long vacation however as an Organization we need to train the young people of today and reach an audience so that we can pass down
our training and experience to them.

I have been reaching out to several volunteer Fire Services here in Alberta and they all have very limited funds from their budgets to train for this career and
others in the Fire Service. Basic Fire training is very important so most, if not all their training budget is spent there. In our meeting we will be discussing this topic at length and forge ahead with a focused plan to make this happen. Another part of this training is the Laurentian program and the benefits of this training course. It brings great value to CAFI and the Fire Service or Private Companies providing Fire Investigations.

In reviewing the membership, I have learned we had a healthy membership number several years ago is close to 1200 members. Membership has been declining for several years so I have asked for a review to see how we can improve on our numbers and continue to grow our association. One of the area’s that I am looking at is bringing back the paper copy of our Journal, but this will be a review that we can learn about new advertisers, promotions and other fundraising events so we can pay for this.

When we meet later this month it will be the first time a face to face meeting has happened, so lots of discussions will happen, new processes will happen,
and a new direction for the future. We have been strong for forty years and will continue to build on that strength.

As we approach the next few months and colder weather, I remind everyone to stay safe and have a great fall.

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David Slipp, NCCP
President, Canadian Association of Fire Investigators