President's Message - March 2019

Happy Spring Everyone!

The executive and I have been working on updating our profile and will be launching a Facebook page shortly so we can provide information about who we are and what we do. This page is for all of us to comment on and place information on investigations happening within Canada that we are working on. We will also be launching a LinkedIn page also so that the same information can be shared around the world. These sites will be monitored by a couple of the executives so we can make sure the information getting out is correct and follows our policies.

One of the new polices that we have put in place is all comments and interviews that are requested from the media must be approved by the President. This new policy was put into place as a result of several requests from the media to comment on the fire in Halifax, N.S., where seven children died. The executive made this decision as with this case, and all cases, we have to be so careful with what is said as we may be held liable in the court if misinformation is presented. We support all Fire Investigators and all First Responders that have to deal with these very sad situations.

As your President, I fully support and understand how much these images and information play on your mind and we all have to be aware of the problems that this brings to all First Responders. Supporting anyone with PTSD is a must in today’s society and lending a listening ear and taking time out of our busy schedules to help anyone that needs to talk is a job well done.

On a brighter note you will see new changes to our Journal with help from Matt our editor, and Mary our graphic designer. More changes are underway for the next edition, once we have had a chance to hold an Editorial meeting coming up in April.

The executive is working on getting the 921 and 1033 process down to a science, as well as being able to launch a new training process for this. It is taking us some time, but that means once we are finished the process will flow much better. Please keep watch for this great news coming shortly.

It is a mandate of mine to be able to have all training available online for the next generation of investigators to learn from all the veterans of this organization. We have so much to offer and I think investing in the next generation of investigators is very important. With this being said, I would like each and every one of you to have more input. Therefore, I would like to ask anyone that is willing, to write an article that we can publish in the CAFI Journal. As you will see in this edition of the journal, we have three related articles from three different perspectives.  This information is very valuable as each person see’s things differently, but the results are the same. Please feel free to reach out to myself or Matt, our Editor, with your articles so we can include them all. I look forward to reading them and using them as resources.

Thank you.

David Slipp, NCCP
President, Canadian Association of Fire Investigators