President's Message - December 2019

Hello all from Alberta:

It is that time of year where we start preparing for our end of year festivities and spending time with our families. We have also just finished Thanksgiving; a time for remembering our past year and what it has meant to us as well as reflecting on how our families are the most important part of our life.

Looking at our CAFI family we have been evolving over the past year and have made some remarkable impacts on our Association. With my new executive, we have started the task of online training for CCFI-C, more webinars, updated and revamped the Journal, and our strategic meeting in September. This meeting brought together executives from across Canada so we could hash out a plan for the future, celebrate achievements of excellence for three Graduates from Laurentian University, Two receiving CCFI-A and one receiving CCFI-B certification. We also took time to enjoy a light lunch and got to know each other.

CAFI has had several webinars this past year and has one more in December, as well as several for 2020. We have also developed a Challenge Coin for our 40th anniversary, marking an outstanding accomplishment for any Association. As an Executive, we look to continue to grow and provide training and certification for our members and encourage new members to join for anyone that would like to learn more about Fire Investigation.

Progressing as we are, there is always a new technology that becomes more effective in our daily lives, and helps with determining the cause as well as providing positive results for our clients. However, we still have to keep in mind that some of the old ways still do work and that commiuncation with clients, and anyone else involved in an investigation (Fire Services, Police Services, and Security Professionals) goes a long way. We all play a big part.

CAFI has started to join the social media world and we now have our own Facebook and LinkedIn page. Please like and share our page and be a contributor to these pages so we can spread the word about CAFI. We are reaching out to lots of Fire Services and Police Services to like their pages and then share what they post. As an executive we want to promote all Services across Canada and become part of their professional families.

Going into 2020 the executive will be looking for a new University to join with as our past one decided that the 2019 class would be our last. We will start the process and will find a University that is proud to have our association and celebrate our accomplishments. With this being said, 2020 will be a great year being able to start our CCFI-C online training in the fall. We will also like to hear from you; our members, for input with what you would like to see covered in our webinars and online training. As Canada’s national association, we need to promote more training for all.

The executive would like to wish everyone the best for the Christmas Season and for all to stay safe. I will be remembering everyone that has to work over the holidays and be away from their families.

Merry Christmas

David Slipp, President