New President's Message - December 2018

Dear CAFI Members,

It is with great pride that I accept the position of President of CAFI. This National Organization has become and will continue to be a value to all our members across this great Country of ours. I would like to thank Val as he has led this organization with pride over the past two years and will continue to be a great wealth of knowledge for all of us.

As President I would like to introduce some ideas for us over the next couple of years and look forward to having more discussion with the membership about this. This includes discussions of certified training as we endeavor to expand our membership and CCFI-C designations. This will require us to review our succession plan to ensure the future of CAFI. Having other organizations partnership with us will benefit our organization and allow us to be part of their annual conferences, training and marketing events. We will be holding a conference call meeting in the new year to allow input from our members on some new ideas for us to incorporate into CAFI.

In reviewing some of the past journals and having them now in PDF form, it doesn’t seem to have the punch that we need to advance our values. I have asked that we explore options such as having the printed version brought back so the journal can then reach thousands of industry related professionals and agencies instead of a few hundred. Our organization offers a plethora of talent and expertise across a wide variety of subject matter with the introduction of new members and Regional Executives and is imperative that we keep this momentum growing to advance what we do. This publication could be free of charge to CAFI members with others attracting advertising on our behalf.

In exploring new marketing options, we will be looking at several social media platforms to allow our members opportunities to publish articles or contributions on our
website. This will also help keep industry professionals connected and informed of relative investigations and incidents that happen across Canada. They can even ask for help as they might have a new problem they have never encountered before but others have.

I look forward to working with everyone so please send me an email with your suggestions and comments or if you just want to chat. Your input is informative and greatly appreciated and is an integral part of the common goal to grow our organization in 2019. The upcoming year will be fantastic for CAFI and I very much look forward to having continued training, education, new partners and meetings and hearing your input.

Yours Truly,

David Slipp, NCCP
President, Canadian Association of Fire Investigators