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Webinar:      Hoarding Fires
Speaker:       James Hind, FPO London Fire
Date/Time:  Wednesday, October 25 (12 pm - 1 pm)


Join our Hoarding Fires expert James Hind as he takes you through the complexities of dealing with Hoarding as a Fire Prevention Officer and fire investigator, featuring case studies and a live question and Answer period.

(per London Free Press):

He’ll never forget his first.

She was a teacher who kept her classroom immaculate — everything in its place.

“It was impeccable,” recalls London fire inspector James Hind. “To see her, you’d never know. . .

The Woodstock woman’s home was a different story.

“An absolute disaster,” he says. “Two complete households jammed into one, kitchen table on top of another table, a couch pushed against another. . . . Boxes and clothing scattered chaotically around.”

Unable to let go of her dead parents, the teacher held on to their belongings, stuffing everything they’d collected over the decades — furniture, knick-knacks, clothes, paperwork, you name it — into her own modest house.

It was overwhelming. Stuff. Everywhere.

So she took more home, adding to the piles until there was nowhere to sit, nowhere to eat, barely anywhere to walk.

Teacher by day. Hoarder by night.

This was more than a fire hazard, he realized back then, shortly before moving to London fire department in 2006. He researched, inspected more jam-packed homes — considered a danger under the Fire Prevention Act — and, well, hoarding became his thing.

Today, Hind is the go-to inspector for reports of hoarding in London, and a rare expert in the evolving field who has taken his hoarding response presentation to firefighters across the province.

Aside from inspecting fires, he’s opened 312 hoarding cases in London since 2009 and has been working to educate other London agencies — from police to child welfare and home-care organizations to landlord associations — on the complexities of what may at first glance seem to be a big mess.


About James Hind

James is a Certified Firefighter, Fire Inspector, Public Fire & Life Safety Educator  and Fire and Explosive Investigator.  In his 22nd year in the Fire Service James has several roles in the community as well as across the Province of Ontario.  James was responsible for forming the Hoarding Task Force in the City of London, and now instructs across the Province on the topic of Compulsive Hoarding.  James instructs on the legislative aspects of Compulsive Hoarding as it applies to the Residential Tenancies Act,  and Fire Protection and Prevention Act as well as clean up strategies and risks.  Through his work he can and has been designated as an expert witness in court.  With a busy public lecture series, James finds himself in many communities and speaking with several different types of groups and individuals. Further, James has consulted for many communities across Canada and the United States, as well as Internationally.  James has brought the issues surrounding Compulsive Hoarding to the attention of the decisions makers and politicians all the way to the Federal Level, and works closely stakeholders on the next evolution in Compulsive Hoarding.  Along with Compulsive Hoarding, James is leading a new initiative to bring training to the Fire Service across the Province on  techniques and strategies when working with persons with psychosocial disabilities.  James also works closely with law enforcement in the areas of Drug Enforcement, and the dismantling of illegal marihuana grow operations and methamphetamine labs, Guns and Gangs unit and recently with the Provincial Biker Enforcement Task Force.  James also acts as a consultant to various private agencies that require help during fire/explosion investigations.