General Summary:
Investigates, inspects, and interprets evidence of fire/explosion damage to residential and commercial buildings, vehicles, etc. determining origin and cause.
Essential Functions: (must be performed with or without accommodations)
* Inspects assigned fire sites as prescribed by company policy and industry standards, including, but not limited to appropriate digital and film photography, video, diagrams, and written/recorded statements 
* Documents, collects (tags and bags, as required), secure, and transports evidence in a manner prescribed by EFI Global policy and industry standards. Insures chain of custody procedures are followed
* Responsible for appropriate handling of records of assignments, referrals, follow-up with Claims Adjusters, interviews with property owners, witnesses, and fire department personnel
* Promotes and provides superior customer service and responsiveness to customer needs
* Completes all fire investigations in a timely manner. Provides written reports that are clear and concise, written in a manner that conforms to EFI Global policies and industry standards
* Promotes EFI Global capabilities to expand business opportunities with new and existing client companies
* Sustains current knowledge of approved Fire Investigation practices
* Meets or exceeds productivity levels as determined by Branch Manager / Fire Investigator Supervisor
Working Conditions:
* Driving to and from investigation sites
* Exposure to all types of weather conditions
* Working in hazardous conditions, i.e., uneven and wet surfaces, enclosed spaces
* Risks exposure to falling debris and hazardous materials
* Bending, climbing, heavy lifting (in excess of 60 pounds)
* Must have a High School Diploma with 5+ years of Fire Investigation experience
* Certified Fire and Explosion (CFEI) accreditation 
* Attends seminars and conferences to maintain a level of knowledge current with best practices
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